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September 15, 2010

Tallahassee Mall for sale

Tallahassee, FL —

There have been several rumors going around town about the future of the Tallahassee Mall. What was once a bustling mall has now been turned into an eye sore for some. What does the future hold for the mall?"You know I've seen more and more stores close and I was wanting to find out what was going on with the mall." said Jim Leftheris.

It used to be a Tallahassee hot spot but now, it looks like a ghost town. Several stores have closed down in the Tallahassee Mall, causing many to wonder if it will be shutting its doors for good.

"The mall used to be a nice, fun place, everybody was there, it was very crowded, you could find anything you wanted and not many choices anymore," said David Earley.

There has been a huge decline in mall customers over the last few years and with the exit of Dillards Department store, many retailers followed suit. Mall management says the mall has no intentions of closing, but it is up for sale.

"We will continue to operate the property as a mall and we're here, we're open," said General Manager of the Tallahassee Mall, Steven Darby."

Mall officials did not tell us how many stores are currently up and running. They did say several new businesses are opening in the mall in upcoming months and that community events are in store for the future. Local residents have some advice to help jump-start more business.

"They definitely need to bring in some regular, well known national retailers," said Leftheris.

A spokesperson for the AMC movie theater says ticket sales have not been affected by the decline of mall customers and that moviegoers are still attending regular show times.

Mall officials are hoping to use the old Goody's store for different events including a baby consignment show and a concert this coming weekend.

As of now, the old Dillards and Goody's stores remain vacant, but Mall management says they now will have a haunted house around Halloween time.

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