Valdosta Daily Times

January 17, 2014

Raines won’t run again

Matthew Woody
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — In his 2010 bid for Lowndes County Commissioner District Two, Richard Raines told his supporters he would be a one-term candidate.

At the beginning of January 2014, Raines informed his fellow commissioners and The Times that he will stick to his campaign promise, and be a one-term commissioner to prove he is a man of his word, and to serve as an example to his children.

“If someone says they're going to do something, we should expect them to do what they say,” Commissioner Raines said. “I have five children, and all five of my children know that their dad stood in front of a group of people and said that he was going to do something.”

Raines is proud of his service on the Board of Commissioners because he was able to protect private property rights and helped keep spending within the county's limits, Raines stated.

Expressing extreme confidence in the county's staff, Raines said, “If we did not have the staff that we have on the board of commissioners, and when I say staff I am talking about everyone from the county manager and the clerk, to administrative personnel, and department heads, all across the board, if we did not have the staff we have at the county level then I would not feel nearly as comfortable leaving.”

The most common question, Raines gets from his constituents is, “Will you pursue some other type of public service?” And his answer is, “Yes.”

He does not plan to run during this election cycle, but he enjoys the public office. Any future plans will be approached the same way he approached running for the Board of Commissioners the first time.

“I'll consult with my family, and we will pray over the decision and we will come to a decision as a family, that's how we'll do it,” Raines said.    

Once Raines' position is filled, he plans to grow his business, finish his masters degree, and spend time with his wife and children, but until then, he will continue to proudly serve Lowndes County.

Other Lowndes County Commissioners whose terms will expire this year are Crawford Powell, District Three and Demarcus Marshall, District Four. Neither have announced their intentions yet.