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March 21, 2014

Georgia Aquarium relaunches beluga webcam

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — From the Georgia Aquarium:


We're excited to announce that we have just relaunched our beluga webcam at Georgia Aquarium – and it’s better than ever. Now, in between visits to the Aquarium, you can visit the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery at Georgia Aquarium “virtually” to watch our magnificent beluga whales and be amazed and inspired by their graceful beauty.

We hope that you enjoy this opportunity to observe our beautiful belugas as much as we do - and that you'll share this message with your friends, inviting them to see the belugas and encouraging them to sign our petition supporting the Georgia Aquarium beluga conservation project. Caring Together, we can all make a difference!

With fewer than 35 belugas in accredited aquariums in North America, this population of animals in human care is facing certain extinction. That’s because there is simply not enough genetic diversity to promote healthy breeding, meaning that within a few decades, according to experts, the public will lose touch with these magnificent mammals. Don’t let this happen. In spite of great success in breeding belugas (18 of these animals were born in modern-day aquariums), there’s still much scientists don’t know about beluga whales – and still so much they need to learn.

Together, we can make a difference for belugas. You can do several things to show you careRIGHT NOW at

SIGN THE PETITION telling the U.S. government you support our Beluga Conservation Program.

SHARE YOUR STORY about your personal connection to an animal, fostered by a visit to Georgia Aquarium or another facility.

SEND A LETTER to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce asking additional consideration of its recent decision blocking our ability to continue to educate the public and to do our part for beluga conservation globally by bringing belugas to the U.S.

Each petition you sign, each letter you send, each story you share, supports the Beluga Conservation Project and the important field research it conducts on behalf of marine mammals.

Will you do one more thing to help us today?

Use the icons below to tell your friends and family how maintaining belugas in human care is essential to the survival of belugas everywhere.