Valdosta Daily Times

September 27, 2013

Georgia Christian falls to Deerfield

Alex Tostado
Special to the Times

DASHER — The game between the Georgia Christian Generals and the Deerfield-Windsor Knights on Thursday evening was a game filled with big plays from both teams.

The Knights prevailed in 34-20 victory over the Generals as GCS falls below .500 to 2-3.

The two teams went toe-to-toe until the fourth quarter when the Knights ran away with the game, forcing three turnovers, including an interception that was ran back for a touchdown by sophomore cornerback Tyler Lowe.

“There was some miscommunication between quarterback and wide receiver,” Georgia Christian Head Coach Kent Copeland said. “Even on that back-breaker when we went down, our kids didn’t; they kept fighting.”

GCS had their fair share of big plays as well.

 The Generals had a 61-yard touchdown run by junior Jeremiah Beverly and a 50-yard run by sophomore Jake Elliot to set up a touchdown run.

“We ran some jet sweeps that went for big yards,” Coach Copeland said. “Elliot and Beverly ran for big yards and we had some big passes across the middle.”

Throughout the game, GCS had a tough time bringing down the play makers of the Knights. Sophomore running back Antonio Watts and freshman quarterback Jay Saunders had big games for Deerfield-Windsor and the Generals could not stop them when it mattered most.

“(Watts) was very elusive,” Coach Copeland said. “(Saunders) was quarterback, wide-out, he was punt return guy. They made adjustments when we tried kicking away from (Watts) and (Saunders) would come up. (Saunders) and (Watts) really stood out.”

Saunders and Watts lead their team down the field during a seven and a half minute drive to open up the second half that wore down Georgia Christian’s defense.

“Because we are going both ways, you know that had to wear us down,” Coach Copeland said. “Staying out on defense we were worn out, not only physically but mentally. Coming back out on offense, we wanted to make a quick hit because we are a high-obtain, score quick offense.”

Coach Copeland, his staff and his players realize that this is a learning year for the program.

“None of our coaches want to lose,” Coach Copeland said. “I just told the coaches, ‘one or two plays is all it takes either on offense or defense.’”

Georgia Christian is building a team from the ground up and is getting recognition from the teams they compete against.

“As (Deerfield-Windsor’s) coach was walking off, he told me, ‘(Georgia Christian) is headed in the right direction.’ From an established program, I’m going to take that because that’s awesome.”

Note: The game was played with only four-nine minute quarters and a 10 minute half due to Georgia Christian not having field lights.