Valdosta Daily Times

May 6, 2013

ATA Valdosta competes in Super Regional

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Fifth-Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of Performance Martial Arts Academy, Mitchell Church, announces that 17 of his students recently competed in the Taekwondo Super Regional Championships held in Atlanta.

“We have never had so many students with so much natural talent and ability as we currently have,” said Church.

“Our students represented our community very well and demonstrated perseverance and integrity.”

This was a sponsored event of the American Taekwondo Association and drew competitors from throughout the United States, as this was the last major tournament in the regular competition schedule.

“The next major event will be the District Championships in which the top ten competitors from Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida will face off to see who can claim the title of district champion.  We have a large number of students will have qualified to compete,” said Church.

The results from the Super Regional in Atlanta are as follows:

In the Fourth and Fifth Degree Black Belt Division:

Jennifer Powell placed second in Traditional Forms, first in Traditional Weapons, and third in Sparring.

Mark Webb placed third in Traditional Forms, first in Traditional Weapons, second in Sparring, first in Creative Forms, Extreme Forms, and Extreme Weapons, third in Creative Weapons.

 In the First Degree Black Belt Division:

William Horsley placed third in Combat Weapons; Patrick Horsley placed first in Combat Weapons; Duane Cunningham placed third in Traditional Forms, third in Traditional Weapons, and first in Sparring. Zachery Coody placed fourth in Forms and fourth in Sparring; J.T. Howell placed fourth in Traditional Forms; Kim Howell placed first in Traditional Weapons, second in Sparring and first in Combat Weapons; Kyle Turner placed fourth in Traditional Forms.

In the Color Belt Division: Christian Dawson placed first in Traditional Forms; Ben Melvin placed third in Traditional Forms, and first in Combat Weapons; Madison Swain placed third in Traditional Weapons, first in Sparring; Lukas Smidtas placed third in Combat Weapons; Ethan Bueno placed third in Traditional Forms, third in Sparring; Hailey Deguelle placed fourth in Traditional Forms; Krista Deguelle placed third in Traditional Forms; Bradan Ludemann placed third in Combat Weapons.