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April 18, 2013

Player signs out of NUMC basketball program

The Valdosta Daily Times

NASHVILLE — On April 23 at Nashville United Methodist Church, Treshaad Williams will sign with Sign Georgia Technical College, becoming the third player from NUMC to sign with a college basketball program.

The son of Michelle and Oliver Alexander and a graduate of Berrien High School, Treshaad played football, ran track and played basketball during his time with the Rebels.

As a baby, Treeshad contracted meningitis and was not expected to live. Doctors said if he did survive he would likely have brain damage or suffer from severe hearing loss. But Treshaad did survive and he has excelled at life.

Michelle, Treshaad’s mother said she and his physician, Dr. Anderson called him their miracle baby.

Michelle remembers rattling baby keys on each side of his head hoping he would give her a sign that he could hear. Michelle says Treshaad has grown into a humble, honest, lovable, and a hard working young man. Currently he works at Hardees to support himself and pay for his truck.  

Coach Steven Wright, head coach at South Georgia Technical College said, “We are excited to sign Treshaad.  He is just what we are looking for. We have gotten to know Treshaad over the past year and our personalities just seemed to jell. He displays a strong work ethic by going to work every day and supporting himself. He has shown commitment and dedication to his job and that’s the two things you have got to have when you play college athletics. Playing ball is just like a job. He is an outstanding young man and we look forward to having him on the floor at South Georgia Technical College.”

Treshaad is part of the Tuesday night boys basketball program at Nashville United Methodist Church. Buster Montgomery is the Director and has taken this program on as his personal mission.  Boys meet each Tuesday to play basketball in the large gym at the Family Life Center.

The boys are fed both physically and spiritually. The boys begin with a short devotion then they play the sport loved by so many young boys. Through the mentoring program the boys are encouraged to identify where they are in their life and make a plan for their future. Many of these boys have never been outside of Berrien County and feel very limited in what their opportunities.

Through biblical teachings, Montgomery has helped to develop a hope that a bright future can be had and a college education is possible. If there is desire in a kid’s heart to be somewhere other than where they are then the program helps to offer guidance.  

Brother Russ Elkins pastor of the United Methodist Church said, “The program is a ministry that meets boys where they are in life and helps them take steps forward.  Every time a boy signs a scholarship or gets a job they all believe a little bit more that God has something for them too.  We pray that God will continue to bless this ministry, the boys and Buster for serving.”     

Montgomery’s passion for these kids led him to South Georgia Technical College where he met Wright. Over time the two men became friends and soon realized their passions for helping young men had collided. Montgomery became acquainted with Wright several years ago through Tae Clowers, one of the boys who had played basketball at the church. Clowers signed at the college and Montgomery came to support Tae in his first year at South Georgia Technical College.

Wright said, “Buster has been phenomenal.  He helps me see kids who I would have never seen; kids who can play ball and are good athletes but need an opportunity.  I give him so much credit to helping change the lives of these kids.”

Wright says his ball program has a niche for signing boys who may have gotten off course and are trying to get back on course or just don’t have a course at all. He says his first concern is the spiritual growth of his players. Buster’s program matches our niche.      

Anthony Etheridge is from Lakeland, Georgia but attended the NUMC Tuesday night basketball program.  Anthony is described as a funny kid, He has finished his Sophomore year at South Georgia Technical College and exceeded expectations.  

The Tuesday Night Basketball program has certainly produced fruit. Kids are taught that with God all things are possible and for these three boys possibility has become a reality.  

Everyone is invited to attend the signing for Treshaad Williams with South Georgia Technical College at NUMC on April 23 at 7 p.m.