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June 12, 2014

Rant & Rave for Friday, June 13, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I cannot afford a tax increase, my hours and pay are cut, groceries are up dramatically, gas is up, vacation is out of the question, I am barely making ends meet. I am a full-time worker and I get no health care or retirement. I don’t understand why I must pay for part-time councilmen and a retired mayor to get health and retirement benefits. The pharaoh and his court need to go.

As a proud Southern gentleman born and raised in the South, it pains me to read the amount of hate in the Rant & Rave column. You should be ashamed of yourselves  and look in the mirror. If that doesn’t help then use the quote “bless your heart” and pick a Bible verse about loving one another like a Christian.

Heard on the Internet that the five released from Gitmo had been involved in the plot to assassinate President Lincoln. Probably the same place you heard electric bills were going up 46 percent. As far as food, I know why it is going up in price, you can’t blame it on the government. Supply and demand is driving food prices up; look around at all the people eating enough food for three people. They are driving grocery prices up.

Rave to the VSU grounds staff. They do a great job in all the planting beds, keeping the grass cut and shrubbery trimmed.

My main problem with Hillary Clinton was her, “What difference does it make?” statement concerning Benghazi. By asking that question, she trivialized the deaths that occurred. The difference was whether it could have been prevented because it was known there was a problem (which was later known to be the case) or was it the spur-of-the-moment action originally reported? By failing to beef up security as requested the deaths occurred and this is unacceptable.

I’m assuming that if we are libs, you are the cons? For you to say that we are telling people how to live their lives would have been laughable if not so unbelievable. Who tells gay people they can’t marry? Or even exist? Who tells women that they cannot use birth control? Who tells poor people they don’t deserve to have food, go to college, or have health care? Who tells people what they must believe in order to have a relationship with God? “Libs,” as you call us, are tolerant and accepting of others, try to mind our own business, and try to help the poor. Please get out of our way.

I travel through Lake Park all the time. What a nice place except for Saturdays and it just gets trashed out from all the junk sales going on in every lot. Why is this allowed?