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February 28, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — In Thursday's edition, there was a letter to the editor titled "Let the sun shine: Fact versus fiction"... In the first two paragraphes, the writer made a point of claiming FOX News has long lost its credibility when in fact, FOX News is the No. 1 news organization in America. Fair, balanced and unafraid.

I wonder how many of the voters even pay attention to the actions of our legislators. The one-party House is proposing to take away our right to select our U.S. Senators. Ignorance can cost us dearly, Georgians.

I would like to know why there isn't one standard age across this country when it comes to classifying a person as a juvenile or adult when a crime is commited. For example, in Florida and Alabama a person is charged as a juvenile until 18 and in Georgia as an adult at 17. Therefore, in Georgia, you start a visible criminal record at 17 but it is sealed in other states. It's an unfair playing field for jobs, etc.

Got a speeding ticket after 20 years in the worst speedtrap in Georgia — Turner County. Paid it up, thinking it was over. Then, surprise — got the Super Speeder award from Georgia Department of Driver Services demanding $200 or I’d lose my license! Obviously Georgia uses this sneaky technique of surprising drivers with this least advertised law from 2010. Why doesn’t the state announce this by road signs like they have for construction sites?

The city manager and mayor need to rat out FEMA's denial of sewage plant funding to Obama. Remind Obama that Valdosta is 52 percent black with a rapidly growing Latino and gay population. That 42 percent in the city are below poverty level. Building the new plant will create jobs. To seal the deal, give Obama a lifetime membership to Kinderlou Golf Club.

I sat in a Valdosta after hours clinic for about 40 minutes. I was then called for my turn and was told that the doctor that day does not take Medicare patients. I certainly understand a physician who already has a high mix of Medicare, not wanting to participate more due to the ridiculous reimbursement. But wouldn't it make more sense for them to ask up front if you are on Medicare?

It is good to see that city government is taking the lead from the federal government and buying shopping centers while our infrastructure wastes away. Sell the property back to the people that owned it and put that money towards the treatment plant. Oh, wait, they were glad to be rid of it.