Valdosta Daily Times

November 28, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the raver that is happy that Obama is back in the White House, just wondering when the last time you held a job or paid taxes or health insurance? The answer is probably haven’t that would explain why you wanted him for four more. You must be part of the “Give me more” liberals.

When you watch a news channel that is censored by the government, did I happen to mention CNN, then you only hear what they want you to. Try watching Fox or the Blaze and get the real story about the lies, deception, and cover up in your White House. Open your eyes and your mind.

The Bible reveals that the early church never demanded the giving of tithes. They made collections of money to share with the believers in need. Does your pastor return the money to you? No, he takes it all and gives himself 90 percent or more of every dime and a tiny portion goes to some worthy cause of some sort to make it look OK, but the early church never did this.

The Valdosta City School system has set up a great tool called Parent Portal for us to keep up with our children’s grades, but it is useless if the teachers do not input the grades until the end of the nine weeks. I do my job as a parent to make sure my child follows the rules and does what is required of him/her in class, so I am asking the same of you.

We need to pass an ordinance that bums can only beg on church property, with written permission from the church. If none of the many churches don’t want them begging on their property, the police take the bums out of town and remind them that Valdosta is the third poorest city in the U.S. Go beg in a wealthy town.

Rave to VP for Student Affairs/Dean’s Office and VSU Foundation for announcing VSU students get in free to next week’s playoff game against Carson-Newman. Just show up at the game with your student ID!

I met a group of angels from the time we entered until the time the angels came from heaven. They are Langdale Hospice house employees. What special people they are with a difficult job. From admission to the end, perfect. Love you all.

Nearly 50 percent of the U.S. people are takers. I’m selling my house and buying a motor home thereby denying them of my support money.

What President do you know in the past that has paid for your phone bill, cable or water bill or iPad in the past?