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November 17, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Nov. 18, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Spitting tobacco and other nasty habits are the result of poor upbringing by the parents. If the adults in the family don’t care or correct the bad behavior, then why should the kids change those kinds of habits? It all starts at home, folks.

Having to pay for maternity benefits through Obamacare when one doesn’t need it. Yeah, that’s a real good sign of an improved health-care plan and/or system. Obamacare is somehow supposed to be the next best thing, huh? Time to do some rethinking on the subject.

I’m getting fed up with the Lowndes County School System! They continue to disrespect teachers. We have more students in our classes and are still furloughed. This is ridiculous.

I don’t understand why the stores want to open on Thanksgiving. Black Friday means Friday shopping and Thanksgiving to spend with your family. I wish people in Valdosta would boycott this so maybe they will go back to Friday. I have been shopping on Black Friday for 20 years, but I refused to give up my family time this year.

So you get your news from the network that predicted a Romney landslide?

If your husband’s insurance is truly that much and he doesn’t make more than 110K a year, then you are due subsidies. The insurance company is gouging you and it has to do with Obamacare.

Yes, we do need a traffic signal at Connell and Bemiss. What we also need is a traffic-management system that promotes good traffic flow, not the dysfunctional mess we have now.

Now we need to post a billboard on the interstate thanking visitors and vacationers for their 52 percent support in paying for Valdosta’s wastewater treatment plant under SPLOST VII.

The Northridge fence on Bemiss Road is a disgrace. It needs to be repaired  or torn down.

What a disgrace that Valdosta High School didn’t have a Veterans Day

program. They didn’t even make an announcement. Kids need to learn about what others have fought for them to be free.

Would someone please tell  us taxpaying citizens what is the cost to us of providing members of the City Council, a part-time job, with insurance and a retirement pension?

I guess I missed the article, but ... I have four large dogs that are house dogs and stay in all day. They love it. How do you label that abuse?