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January 24, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Almost all that stand begging by the road or stores are not homeless or in need of money as you think. You can witness the same ones using handouts for cigarettes, beer, etc., in nearby stores. Some of them even car pool and brag how much they make every day.

I hate being forced to use a garbage pickup company with no other choices. That is no different than communism. Connections in the business world gets you everywhere.

When you notified us to let us know that you will collect garbage on Monday, Jan. 21, you should have  also stated that you will not collect the recycled blue boxes. Nobody had their recycled boxes emptied when they picked up the trash on Monday, Jan. 21.

Do your homework, people. Every president ever elected in the United States has written at least one executive order. As for Obama writing more than others, he’s actually on par with George W. Bush’s rate.

So it’s fair to say we have a president that feels that those that have never finished school, worked a job, been a productive member of society deserve to live the same way I do by justifying social welfare programs. How sick is that?

The same party yelling about the President taking away their guns is the one that tried to deny minorities and the poor their voting rights in 2012.

Is it all right to run a red light when it does not change for more than two minutes? I have never seen red lights that you have to “trick” in order for them to turn green. Come on, city workers!

I don’t “hide” behind the Constitution. I believe in it and think the government should follow it. There are legal ways to make amendments to it no matter what you believe.

Concerning presidential executive orders all presidents beginning with George Washington in 1789 have issued orders which in general terms can be described as executive orders. Under George W. Bush there were 290 executive orders, and so far under Barack Obama, there have been 143.

While our Congress has approval ratings under 10 percent, we sent 90 percent of them back into office. Something is wrong with that. Don’t vote based on race. Don’t vote based on party. Do some research and vote based on your social and economic values. Ask questions.