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December 28, 2012

Rant & Raves for Friday, December 28, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — What an amazing coincidence. Six days before Thanksgiving, gas prices go up fifteen cents overnight. Then, six days before Christmas, gas prices go up fifteen cents overnight and another six cents on Christmas Eve. But remember folks, it's not price gouging.

Thanks to the nice young man in the red shirt that helped my husband push my car out of the way when it ran out of gas by the mall. Big thanks to you young man!

As we Rant and Rave, let us pause at this particular time of the season to rave about all we do have including our right to speak and worship as we please. May each of you have a blessed holiday season. May we pray for peace, love and joy all over the world.

The Williams Family on Endover are my heroes! Dancing Christmas lights Gangnam Style? That made my night! Thanks for always doing an awesome set up.

To the ranter stating that guns are designed to kill. You are right, they are a deadly weapon and very lethal. If a criminal is pointing that lethal weapon at you or at me, you can call 911 and I'll match the aggressor with my gun a blazing.

Korean Garden Restaurant: the best egg rolls in the world!

The entire handling of the trash issue in the county has been a joke. First, it began with All-Green's lack of communication, service, and prompt refund of services that customers paid for. Then, the requirement that county taxpayers only use who the county selected. Finally, invoices are sent out from a company that nobody has heard of, only to receive a letter after the fact  that Veolia changed hands.

Great job, Lowndes County Sheriff's Office. I commend the deputy that did a great job making the drug arrest in Hahira. Most police officers do not eat doughnuts because they are too busy training to face and fight the danger we fear. Marijuana is illegal in the state of Georgia. Keep your dope and drugs out of Lowndes County and Hahira. Keep up the good work LCSO! May God protect and keep you all safe!

Thank you to Ms. Register who paid my grocery bill  recently at Harvey’s in Hahira. I really appreciate it.

Thanks to the lady in the maroon SUV on Sunday for paying for our breakfast at Macadoos. That was a very sweet gesture. We will certainly  pay it forward. I hope  you  have a Happy New Year!