Valdosta Daily Times

December 2, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Dec. 3, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To the little red car with a Florida license, who cut me off on Bemiss the other night: I hope you were rushing to an emergency because you could have easily caused me to wreck with my young child in the car. And guess what? We still got to the next red light at the same time. No excuse for crazy driving. Do want you want on your own time but don’t endanger me and my child.

Isn’t it interesting that those who were so opposed to government help for the needy, are the first in line for storm aid? When the shoe is on the other foot; things look different.

The NOAA and the Weather Channel are not the same. Please! Contact your representatives and encourage them to give Obama and the Dems everything they want. The sooner the better. The best thing the Republicans could do right now is to give Obama everything that he wants. Obama’s course will end up with the United States going bankrupt, because there isn’t enough money on the planet, much less the U.S., to pay for all the goodies the Democrats want to bestow on their favored constituents.

To the ranter that said “his 60,000 a year business he owns has been on the upswing since Obama been in office”: All I can say is your business is either in gun sales or “prepper supplies.” Ha, what a joke!

I would appreciate the traffic division to come check out the intersection of Highway 133 and the new James Road in the mornings! Traffic is horrendous at that intersection and it is virtually impossible to make a left turn to go towards the prison/Val Tech, much less getting into the traffic making a right from James Road!

Want to see some hard-working employees? Ride through Ray City and watch the men working on the new sidewalks. I have never passed when they were not hard at work.

If the people who are worrying about all the fat people and their Lexuses taking food from the food bank, maybe if they stopped and asked the people, these people were delivering the meals to the poor and the hungry. Next time take some initiative and ask instead of judging.

I appreciate all that teachers do. But I agree with the ranter. Sure would help if VHS teachers would post grades on the Parent Portal on a more timely basis.

I believe all of us customers are tired of standing at an empty cash register in major stores. I know with the season here it’s time to put more people in needed places. How about you, Walmart?