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November 25, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Nov. 26, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I’m all for giving food for Thanksgiving, but it is upsetting to see cars decked out with rims and new paint receiving food. If you can afford $30,000 to accessorize your car, you should let the people really struggling have the food.

I completely agree with the SPLOST ranter! Only the rich use the computers in the library for free Internet and the Mathis Auditorium for performances and gatherings! Wait, you mean those two facilities are used primarily by lower- to middle-income county citizens? That cannot be right. Only rich people benefit from SPLOST.

I'm one of those people who put up Christmas lights early. It’s a pain-in-the-neck job and I wanted to get it over with so I can enjoy the Christmas season without thinking about it. I haven’t turned them on yet and won’t until December.

I read three disturbing rants all in the same day. “OK liberals, your man won,” “Past revolutionaries,” “Marxist in the White House” ... Wow! Lord, still bless those who have such ill feelings towards our President.

Thank you, don’t want ambulances and fire trucks to speed through town? You would rather they drive 35 miles per hour? Personally, I would like for them to get there as fast as possible, not take 20 minutes to drive from the hospital to my house.

Who says that just because someone decorates for Christmas before Thanksgiving then that person must be materialistic and only concerned about “things”? Most people I know are quite the opposite. They love the holiday season so much, that they want to prolong it and spend more time in the holiday mood. Just because someone has a Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean they feel any less thankful for family, friends and God.

To the person ranting about emergency responders exceeding the speed limit; as emergency responders, we are trained to safely drive at excessive speeds. As a civilian, if an emergency vehicle is

approaching you, move over and give it room.

It really concerns me that South Georgia Medical Center EMS uses their lights and sirens for their own benefit to get the right of way through red lights to get something to eat. At Wendy’s to be exact. Shame!

You voted against SPLOST because you don’t want to pay for things that only the rich will benefit from? Like what — a library? Maybe you need to visit the library, do some reading, get an education, and then you, too, could benefit from those “luxury” items.