Valdosta Daily Times

November 23, 2012

Rant & Rave for Friday, Nov. 23, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — What is going on in the Rant and Rave is funny. Most of it does not belong here, that is if people used common sense. There is a lot of things wrong in this world. We should count our blessings and stop complaining.

With all the technology today, you would think the weathermen could tell the weather more accurate.

Far too many in society who cannot defend their position against criticism from others frequently blame sexism or racism as the real reasons they are being criticized. Doing so minimizes genuine examples of discrimination when it really does occur. It is another example of crying wolf when there is no wolf present.

There is a group of people hanging out on Norman Drive with their cardboard signs begging for money. They change positions and beg for money. Stupid me, I have given money to one guy a few times. Saw him yesterday in Murphy Express buying a whole carton of Marlboro cigarettes. This really makes me so mad since I had to file bankruptcy and can’t afford a carton of Marlboro cigarettes or anything else.

People need to check their facts. There have been more casualties and injuries to our soldiers in both Afghanistan and Iraq under Obama’s four years in office than Bush’s eight years in office. This is because of his political correctness.

Would someone please tell me what exactly has Obama done for the U.S.A.? You know, other than increase the deficit tremendously, cram Obamacare down our throats and embarrass us throughout the world. Please enlighten me.

Go to your place of worship! Who cares what the building costs? God will take care of that. He wants his children to worship together. As a city of Christians, we need to get together and make sure that God is. Remember, In God We Trust. Nothing else is acceptable.

Caution in many parking lots! People drive across the parking lot to get around! Yay! Come on across not down the lanes and hit me who is parked between the white lines called a parking spot! Ain’t life grand!

A shout out to the lady who took up two driving lanes and cursed me and my kids out while we waited in our car for her to get the “front, perfect parking spot” at Walmart! You’re awesome! We need to place you in all the schools and allow you to conduct English classes, too! Shame on you, but you did get that “perfect” parking spot!