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November 4, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Nov. 5, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Parents always seem to mess things up when it comes to kids. Take sporting events. The kids seem to be having a fun and great time, but then the parents start getting involved and before you know it a fight has broken out. Is it the kids fighting on the field? No. It's the parents in the stands.

Do you know what's going to happen once the new VHS school opens? Families who reside in the county will begin to send their children to that school rather than Lowndes because it'll be the newest school around. Some people will say that won't happen but you just wait and see. Everyone just loves having the latest gadgets.

If you're concerned about beggars loitering outside of stores, just inform store management and they'll do something about it. It's their property and they can have that person removed. I don't mind helping out people in need but some of these beggars are scam artists. A few of them hurts everyone else who really need the help.

To the person who stole our pumpkin out of our yard, thank you for ruining my family's Halloween night!

If classified ads had pictures and prices, then the people selling these items couldn't get you on the phone to deal with you. Curiosity is part of what makes the sales experience. If you knew those things right off the bat, you wouldn't bother with the seller. And then the seller would lose a potential customer or buyer.

If anybody needs a good psychiatric doctor or counselor, AR Psychiatric  and Counseling Center on N. Oak St. Ext. is the best,

My family and I enjoyed a wonderful Halloween at Cypress Lake. I would like to thank the people who live there. It’s a great thing that you do, and to all the others that go all out. People like you make others want to do more.

I would like to give a big tip of the hat to the planners, contractors and work crews who are repaving old Highway 41 from downtown out to the interstate. I have never seen traffic backed up or equipment on the streets, yet, the paving gets done as if by magic and it's a beautiful job.

Why is the VDT not publishing any posts about the new county trash collection? If the county government does not provide collection centers or garbage pick up, then we should have the right to choose which private company we decide to give our money to. The company chosen has provided poor service in the past. Exactly why I do not use said company any longer.