Valdosta Daily Times

September 13, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, September 13, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Thank you Mr. President for your help in the Syria crisis. It was a close call. Again thank you, President Putin.

As long as certain programs are using my tax money, it is my business. You want to keep your business your own? Get a job.

If the ranter is so broke and having such a hard time, then sell your nice things you bought before the hard, instead of mooching off the government.

Wear white if you so desire, after Labor Day! Anything goes and that is such a stupid saying.

The freeloaders still don’t get it. I am minding my own business when I rant about those who take unneeded advantages of assistance programs. It is my business because it is my tax money on those EBT cards. Again, those who genuinely need it are not the targets of my rants.

Try being a “real” man with a real man’s job instead of wanting one where you can sit, talk, and walk around flirting.

My, my, my. The ones rattling their tongues have forgotten all the rattling skeletons in their own families’ closets.

Two lane roads and traffic lights is what kills the flow of traffic in this town. Does no one else see that?

In response to the person defending their expensive possessions acquired during the “good times,” I can only say that because you pointed out that you are a Christian it may be worth listening to a Christian financial advisor like Dave Ramsey. His biblical interpretation of how to use wealth may have kept you from landing on hard times. It is best to live well below your means and save for those rainy days, rather than spend all your wealth on extravagant and unnecessary possessions.

To the ranter stating, “Try being a real Christian and be quiet!” Charity is the job of a Christian, not the government. However, today’s society is conditioned to think the opposite and you just proved it.

The patient recovery hallway in the outpatient surgery center is not an appropriate place for community social hour. There are designated waiting areas for casual socialization.

Note to music directors: trying to make your prayers into a song during the church service is annoying. Please just pray and move onto the music instead of dragging out the prayers over the life of a song!