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September 12, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Don't take it for granted you won't be hit by a car when you are walking and texting or talking on your cell. Get into reality before you can't anymore. Also, yard workers should stay off the road when traffic is coming.

What happened to the Brooks County Band? The little band with the big sound is not the little band with no sound. No playing during the game, no uniforms, no marching at half time. What happened?

I would think we had enough tax revenue to pave our streets in gold and have carousels and fountains in every park. City and state directors, supervisors, and managers are making high enough salaries to live in mansions. I believe we're doing great.

Your church may be quiet, but the one we attend is loud with celebration of the Lord.

To the person complaining about those who take advantage of programs that they don't need, I suggest that you MYOB. As one who has experienced having much, to now, having very little; I can say that you don't know a person's story by just looking. Those expensive possessions were bought during the "good times.” Now that tragedy has come to stay, these things remain. They do not reflect the true nature of one's plight. Try being a real Christian and be quiet!

So people really can find anything to complain about. Sitting in the bar of a restaurant is far from peaceful and relaxing. My spouse, child and I often sit in a booth in the bar area because my child loves watching sports. We would never sit him at the bar but at times, we do ask to sit in the area. And I can assure you, you're more disturbing to us than my child is to you.

Why would people ever not lock their cars when they are not in them — and even when they are? Drugs are rampant and people have to have money to get them. Looks to me like they might be able to sell almost anything they can get their hands on for drug money.

From reading Rant & Rave, I see that a lot of people are minding other people's business. I know that some people know how to work the system, but be patient. They will have to answer for it — not you.  

Thanks to the couple who paid for my lunch at KFC on St. Augustine Road. I will pass it on and God bless you!

Kudos to the ladies at Goldplate Restaurant. They are so nice and the cooks cook up some tasty southern food. Great restaurant.