Valdosta Daily Times

September 8, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Sept. 9, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The city has only been reporting "partially treated" sewage spills from the WWTP, not the raw sewage spills in the Meadow Brook area. There have been countless spills that have gone unreported since the flood in 2009, and five major spills since May 2013. Who knows how many millions of gallons of raw sewage have contaminated this area and made its way into the river!

Business owners in the year 2013 should be, if not efficient, at least familiar with computers, as well as employment law and good marketing techniques. When one method works for awhile and then stops working, rather than blaming your employees, you should look at some new and fresh marketing and business ideas.

Why does the United States still feel like we are the fixers of the world? There was a time post-World War II that we appropriately carried out that role, and spectacularly so in both Europe and Asia. The baton for that mission has now passed to the UN; it is no longer our responsibility. Have we not learned anything from the Iraq and Afghanistan excursions?  

How much are the sewage lawsuits going to cost Valdosta? Could not this money have been used to move the sewage plant in the past instead of wasting it on lawsuits in the present?

SPLOST money from the last round was set aside for the City of Remerton and the mill owners to move Remerton offices into the restored mill. Now that both groups have destroyed the mill, the money legally must be returned to taxpayers. If it was already spent, there needs to be an investigation.

While it is disappointing that local businesses would provide half a million dollars for a stadium screen and would never think to raise that much for academics, it should not be surprising for this community. But maybe the screen can be used to encourage academic success during the football game and acknowledge academic achievement for all students. Let's remember that these are student-athletes. They need to work hard on and off the field.

You should be ashamed to tax people two and three times all to pay for what you feel is needed. The county and state agencies receive more money now than they ever have from federal and state taxes. While you’re at it, stop wasting money on food, unused vehicles and overpaid salaries.

Attention Valdosta citizens: driving a car is not the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in life, so quit acting like it is.