Valdosta Daily Times

September 6, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, September 6, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Why does it always seem  as if the ones who least deserve get, and the ones who deserve get left out? Teachers aren't the only ones being swindled. Managers and superintendents need to appreciate their hard working employees before they find someone who does.

I do not think children should be allowed in the bar area of restaurants. The bar area should be reserved for adults who wish to eat their meal in a peaceful atmosphere.

A ranter shared that Valdosta gets a $9.95 franchise fee from Mediacom. Please tell us the franchise fee Valdosta collects from other providers like Dish, etc. More importantly, tell us the total amount of fees collected each year and what it bought for us?

Why in the heck am I paying Mediacom to have a monopoly on our services?  That is a fee the company should pay out of their pocket to have that luxury! It is time Valdosta got off their rumps and start doing something for the people instead of themselves! The money is great for the city, but at what expense to the people?

So, President Obama is quick to retaliate against Muslims being killed in Syria, but he does nothing when Americans get murdered in Benghazi. Hmmm. Think on that one.

If teachers get pay deductions for furlough days, then the Lowndes County Board of Education is seriously wrong for giving others raises. Oh, I forgot, it's not called furlough days any more, it's a "modified calendar." Either way, teachers get a big deduction from their paycheck each month no matter what they call it.

Glad to see the county teachers are being so vocal about these raises. No pay increase for seven years! It will make you sad to know the one responsible still has a job after all that. I hope his new position works out. Without an air-conditioned office!

If you don't like the idea of people getting help with housing and food when they need it, then please, by all means, keep thinking that way should we all suffer some kind of natural disaster down here. Don't come looking for that “hand-out.”

Did you know that tearing up a dirt road with your 4-wheeler is vandalism? The county owns the road and tries to keep it drivable for those living along that road. You seem to have your fun shortly after the road crew finishes. That leaves us with a bad road to drive on until the road crew comes back.