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August 18, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, August 19, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — My heart goes out to those working at Perma-Fix and especially those hurt and their families. Many of us have family members that work in factories and warehouses and are well aware that it could easily be them at any time. In fact, upon hearing of the explosion, I had several family, friends and former coworkers I had call to ensure it wasn't them and their workplace.

Valdosta City Schools are providing free meals because it qualifies and receives federal assistance called the Community Eligibility Option. To be eligible, 40 percent or more of the students qualified for free meals in the year prior to implementing the program. It is run by the USDA and you should do some research on where your tax dollars are being spent.

I am appreciative of the city police officer that sits by the school zone near Highland Christian. However, what’s the point if you are not going to pull people over? This lady sped by me so fast ... I know it wasn’t the recommended school

zone speed. The cop never even looked up from whatever he was doing.

SPLOST supporters, please stand strong and be vocal in your support. Yes, the problems of the recent recession are still very evident in our community through the foreclosures of homes, but that was a problem created by the banking industry and not local government. The growth of this community has

been tremendous throughout the period from the first SPLOST to the current SPLOST.

The next time you rant about a road problem,

or a business that you want to see in this community, think about

how you will vote for SPLOST.

I also live close to the airport and am worried about the chemicals from the Perma-Fix fire. I have a well. Should I be worried?  What should I do?

I see complaints about Obamacare, but not a word about how our governor and state legislature is attacking public education, in favor of for-profit charter businesses. Shame.

I feel so sorry for the educators in Lowndes County. They are furloughed and have large class sizes. It is so disrespectful how teachers are treated.

Good grief. The Chamber had a reception to

thank their top tier

members who paid more than anyone else. What would you prefer? That they not do something special to thank those elite few?