Valdosta Daily Times

October 7, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Fact 1: The problem is with the city waste system! Fact 2: Why should county taxes go up to help pay for city problems!?

In the Republican Party, to which I have been a life-long member, we expect to hear diverse opinions, including some that don’t follow the party line. So don’t assume that those who disagree with you are liberal or government leaches. This is a “political” party and not a cult. We strongly support freedom of speech.

Three days without government has been wonderful. They haven’t been able to pass any laws or levy any taxes; have you been affected at all? I hope the Dems refuse to cooperate and we stay like this for a long time; I love less government!!

May I remind all complaining about dogs pooping in their yard — we have a deal! They provide the unconditional love. We provide the yards.

Hail to the Tea Party and the other Republicans for standing up for America and what is right for its citizens. We have too long been a country that embraces and enables those who are entitled. We need to go back to what made this country great in the first place, which is working hard and sacrificing to make a better life for ourselves and our children. People need to stop whining ... Be willing to fight for what is right. President Obama will be judged more for what he didn’t do than what he did!

Tea Party intellectuals? Are these people not cut from the same loaf as the folks who say the Earth is only 6,000 years old, deny global warming and climate change, and think the South was justified in seceding from the Union?

Come on VLPR — it’s soccer season. How about cutting back the trees that are blocking the parking lot in Vallotton Park? They are making it difficult to drive and park.

I will gladly vote yes for SPLOST. This town is so backwards in thinking. We need to improve our infrastructure.

Lake Park has a virtually empty outlet mall. Yes, I agree. The parade should be through the actual City of Lake Park. That mall isn’t in the city limits.

Linking the words “intelligent” with “Tea Party” is identical to linking “tolerant” with “McCarthyism” and “gentle” with “National Socialism” circa 1935.

People need to back off Lowndes and  those plays. No one was complaining about the plays when we were winning championships.