Valdosta Daily Times

September 20, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, September 20, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Please charge at least a small rehoming fee to help assure your pet is going to a safer, loving home. The free ones are used and abused for bait/fighting, among other things. It is very much a local problem, as you may have read in the Times. They depend on you and if you can't afford to keep them, please find them a good home.

Can someone tell us why Hahira Elementary and Middle were not allowed to participate in homecoming week activities? Many of the other schools chose to allow the students to feel a part of homecoming week. Not Hahira. Participation should be county-wide!

Do not vote for another SPLOST until local governments cut out their own waste, misuse, and worthless departments and authorities. They have to prove they can be entrusted with the taxes they are already taking in before they can be given even more.

Thumbs down to those that don't call SPLOST a tax. The choice is a tax or a tax. The SPLOST tax is 1 percent on sales. Not a penny tax. But hundreds of dollars tax per year. The water treatment plant relocation is the crisis in "never waste a crisis.” If not in play, they would present another crisis to keep SPLOST.

Lowndes did not "run up the score" as many people seem to think. They pulled the starters and played JV and ninth graders for all of the second half. Do we expect these kids, who may not see the field again this season, to "take it easy?" Absolutely not. They deserve to play to the best of their ability just like everyone else.  

The reason we don't have more sidewalks and bike paths is because this city caters to its upper class citizens who drive around in their SUVs.

The city of Valdosta must not need SPLOST money. They must have plenty of money to do a project like the one they are doing on Williams Street.

If the city wants my SPLOST vote, the city fathers need to explain what is currently being collected, what it is spent on and when will each current SPLOST run out.

Big rant to the folks mowing next to the road that blow out grass, rocks, and other items when people are driving by. I had my windshield cracked by one of those flying rocks.

I don't care what restaurant it is, automatic gratuity of 18 percent is just wrong. That tells the person waiting on that table they can do as poor of a job as they want and still get a good tip. And no, I won't go back.