Valdosta Daily Times

December 3, 2013

Rants & Raves for Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I think it is horrible that Lowndes High coaches practiced on Thanksgiving. These children needed to spend time with their families. One missed  practice would not have mattered in the playoffs. Coaches need to think about the families.

I am really getting sick and tired of Leonard Pitts and his commentaries  being in the paper. He is a racist and I am getting sick and tired of his comments.

In regards to the ranter about  the  high cost of vet bills, If you can’t afford your pet, get rid of it. The last thing we need is a liberal running their mouths telling  people  what to charge to run our private businesses and what prices to charge. That is the problem with the country now: a bunch of liberals telling everybody what they can charge for their businesses and services.

It should be illegal to have any snake as a pet, such as a python or boa. They eat animals, will eat kids and next you!

Posing for your own cell camera and trying to look sexy, just is not working. It's funny for the rest of us viewers online.

Have you taken the time to look for providers under the Obamacare plan offered in this area. Good luck, there are hardly any, check out the list or lack thereof. What a great plan this is!

I almost hit a man in one of those electric wheelchairs on Ashley Street He wheeled out fast facing me, taking half the lane. He and I both were lucky no one was in the lane beside me but sometimes you can't move over. Why are these people not ticketed? I see them all over the place and nothing is done, even though cops pass by. You may feel sympathy for them but it will be a lot more if they are hit. They are probably hoping someone will so they can try to sue. Please stop them from driving on our streets before someone is killed.

Your cartoon said, “Make a wise investment…SHOP LOCAL”. Where was this novel idea when you and the Mayor and County Chairman were advocating SPLOST and E-SPLOST. Each pull about $22 million per year out of local businesses. Forty four million per year is 1,466 jobs at $30,000 per job. Or it is $44 million more in profits to local business. It is simple, if you want to improve business you cut taxes, cut regulations and cut government expenses.

When you go through what others have, you see how it feels now, don't you? What goes around, comes around.