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November 14, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — You may have experience taking care of elderly people, but you also have experience stealing their credit cards and checks. You might not think that we remember, but we do. People, please check with the Nashville Police Department and the Valdosta Police Department to see if your newly hired sitter/nurse's aide has a criminal record.

You people are so funny. If you don't like Fox News, then don't watch it. Maybe give Al Jazeera a shot.

Kids who are bullies at school won't be punished because the school is afraid of a lawsuit by the bullies' parents. Is that a good reason not to punish somebody? Absolutely not, but that's the world we live in nowadays. It seems like the people who commit the crimes have more rights than the victims. That is so sad.

I am one of the millions that is losing his insurance because of Obamacare, and I promise you it is not a "subpar" insurance plan as the president likes to say. When I did get through on the Obamacare website, an identical plan (again my plan was not subpar or why would there be a similar plan on the website?) had a 50 percent increase in premium. Obama has lied again and again, this will kill the private insurance market and Obama will get what he wanted, single payer.

Why should we rely on spell check to make sure that we've spelled a word correctly? What did people do before computers? We're relying too much on these machines to do the thinking for us. Use your brain, people.

I don't like the idea of having somebody pay for my meal. Especially someone that is a complete stranger. What are they wanting in return? It's a nice gesture, but I would say, "Thanks, but no thanks." Too many "disturbed" people out in society today for me to allow something like that to happen to me.

Please stop the beggars at the interstates and around town. I know people need money, I'm one of them! But that's not how to do it. I watched a large group hang out at exit 16 in front of the hotel and it was a female's "turn" to go beg. They just sit and swap out. There is an ordinance against this but yet nothing happens. If police would run them off, they'd finally stop trying.

To the ranter about selling of hot dogs at the church fall fest, most churches I know give free hot dogs at fall fest so maybe you went to the wrong church. The purpose of fall fest is to spread God's word and to keep kids safe if it is held on Halloween like ours and several other churches I know.