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September 15, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — My opinion: All law-enforcement agencies should be able to check legal citizen status and report offenders to ICE for deportation. That being said, in light of recent car and home invasions are those found guilty of crimes checked for legal entry status? If not legal, fine and deport. We have enough of our own confined criminals to support.  

I am not feeling the whole online job application process that most businesses require now. The online assessments are tedious and applicants are of course going answer what they think the company wants to hear. So what’s the point? Not to mention it is so impersonal and the company isn’t seeing who is actually applying.

Walkers, bikers, and drivers pay attention: walkers walk with traffic; bikers ride toward traffic;

drivers, pay attention and all obey.

A student was hit by a car on the way to school because there was no sidewalk. Valdosta needs sidewalks everywhere and especially near our schools. I would like to ride bikes with my kids to school but there is no safe bike routes to school either.

Something needs to done about all the rental houses in Valdosta that do not take care of the yards. Maybe the landlords need to include lawncare in the rent. The city and county need to stay on top of this!

Earlier this week, students attended an anti-bullying assembly at various schools in Lowndes County and Valdosta. Teachers brought their students to the assembly under the assumption that bullying would be discussed. The assembly turned out to be an advertisement for a car giveaway at a local church. When may my church have precious classroom time to recruit new youth group members?

A big RAVE to the ladies at 1st America Infusion! They are always so kind, helpful, and encouraging. They make the infusion process much easier. Thank you!

Valdosta police should not be coming onto Lowndes High School campus to give teenagers a ticket.

I too had nice things, but I sold mine so I wouldn’t have to go on programs or get government help. I’m not one to drive to the food stamp office in my big decked-out SUV, with my bling on, texting on an iPhone, asking for help. I do the best I can, or we do without. Priorities first, people.

It is easy to say MYOB when your hand is out, but when someone’s hand is in your wallet ...