Valdosta Daily Times

March 20, 2014

Rant & Rave for Friday, March 21, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — This raw sewage problem in Valdosta should be fixed once and for all. City council and any others responsible for our “clean” town should get their crap together.

So Mrs. Obama, the daughters and her mother are on their way to visit China. And no reporters are allowed! Says FLOTUS’s chief of staff, this is a “nonpolitical” trip. If that’s the case, the Obamas need to pay for this trip! Not the taxpayers!

What does a “city marshal” do? Does Lake Park have one? The city streets and residences seem to be going down. I guess all the older people that took pride in the town have passed away. So sad to see the decline in this pretty place.

More raw sewage dumped into our waterways. Nearly 150 years ago smart people discovered that human waste is the cause of many serious and deadly diseases (cholera, typhoid, dysentery). So now it seems some dumb people won’t take the steps necessary to fix this problem.

Yes indeed we need more “card-carrying” citizens willing to supplement the police and blast away at the first sign of law-breaking. This includes playing loud music, texting in a theater, picking your nose, turning right on red, not putting your shopping basket in the proper place at Wal-Mart and not returning library books on time. Madness, sheer and utter madness.

As a parent of a teen who was once ejected from the mall for no reason, I reject the idea of banning all teens. Kick out the rude ones. Fine the parents if it happens again, or arrest the kid. But leave my children alone. My son was never in trouble, but a bully “security” guard banned him.

Agreed. I love this town, but the traffic lights are ridiculous!

Signed up for BCBS of Georgia on the website, wasted 35 minutes of my life while insuring the remainder of it. No issues no problems. First health care in over a decade. Thank you, President Obama.

The man who shot the gentleman for texting in a theatre was a former police officer. “1,000 new police officers” would not help the situation. I have carried a gun legally for many years and have not shot anyone out of anger (I am also what you would call a senior). Less than half of 1 percent of legal firearms carriers commit crimes. Do your research.