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March 20, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Please don't punish an innocent dog for your neighbor's negligence. It may be wiser to call the police as I'm sure the owner is breaking at least one law by not having his dog on a leash. There is no need to send another helpless dog to the shelter.

I totally agree with the article in the Sunday Business section. I, too, have experienced the same problem at a chain pharmacy here in town. They make it nearly impossible to obtain an over-the-counter allergy relief medicine. If you are not a customer, then you can't get the medicine. You might as well just suffer with your allergies or spend a chunk of your paycheck going to the Dr. to get a prescription. I won't be back either!

Who is in charge of the traffic lights in this town? Some are red for over 2 minutes and stay green for barely 15 seconds. Left turn lanes at intersections where few cars even turn and at the busiest intersections in the city, the left turn arrows do not exist and you have to sit through 2 light changes in order to even make a turn. Mr. City Manager, you need to look into this matter. Valdosta is one of the worst traffic flowing cities I visit and most are much larger cities with more cars.

Are we to become like Florida, where the old man used his carry permit to shoot a man texting in the movie theater? This is just a glimpse of what is to come. If you want 1,000 extra police officers, go to the academy and do it correctly, or join the border patrol, to do something really useful. What is not needed is a bunch of senior cowboys, judging who is bad by how they look or the music they listen to.

Thank you nice person who turned in my debit card at Five Points Winn-Dixie. Made my day.

I  can sympathize with what you are going  through with Medicaid and them not responding back to you. I  have tried, called and written them, and have not received a response yet.

You know I can understand bringing a carnival to town for the families of Valdosta. The part I don't get is when did it become OK to leave your kids unattended for six hours? I hate going to the mall because I feel like it is the daycare for irresponsible parents. Why can't a curfew be put into effect like when we were kids. When the light poles came on, you better be at home. It's a shame parents aren't paying attention to their kids. That's why we have babies having babies and shows like “Teen Mom” celebrating that their kids got knocked up before graduating. Shame!