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March 14, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Friday, March 14, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Yes, Bi-Lo owns Harvey’s, Winn Dixie and Food Lion and are not closing any stores here. They are converting all three Valdosta Harvey's to Winn Dixie stores instead.

Given this season of those declaring their candidacies for public office, let’s hope those seeking office and those already in office, especially our state representatives, actually make business and industry development their No. 1 priority. No more lip service please. South Georgia is dying. It’s time our reps help bring/attract meaningful new industry and jobs to our area.

How about a little gratitude to our policemen, firefighters and other first responders instead of criticism? Those "big trucks" may one day be responsible for saving your home or your life or the life of your child. I'm sure the mother of that asthmatic child was grateful to see them. They can have all of my tax dollars. I consider it an investment in my safety and security. Or would you rather it went to the Industrial Authority?

A friend of mine was looking for a place to have breakfast this past Saturday morning and we had the most wonderful pancakes, sausage and ham at The Church Street Coffee House  in Hahira. I understand they have an awesome hamburger. If you want a treat, have breakfast there this weekend.

Since our elected officials jumped to Republican to try and make the president a one-term president, they failed and now that midterm election is coming, it’s good to see them bow out gracefully after ruining the country. But they have still stuck it to the taxpayers, we still have to pay for their retirement. Maybe one day, all elected officials will have term limits, taking away the power of the powers to be.

Insurance companies love when you are not approved. It saves them millions throughout the year. The doctor’s office should have to write that off since they did not do their part. They hire office staff for insurance purposes and that is one. Some are responsible and some just like the paycheck. Call and make an appointment with the insurance commissioner.

Did the city hire a professional designer for the Williams Street Project? I assume they did not, as it looks likes amateur hour. The sidewalk is too wide, there was no planning for parking, and you can’t turn any car larger than a compact around the curbs. It is such a shame. Williams was the most beautiful street in the city. How could so little thought and so much money go into this project?