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March 6, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — When the Georgia Bridgemen went to Chicago last year, it cost $1,200 and 300-plus students participated. When they went to Pasadena in 2006, they took 300-plus students at a cost of $1,600. Now they’re going to Hawaii for $2,000 and have 300-plus signed up to go! For the record, the band has never taken a trip where all the students have participated. So why not applaud the staff and administration for continuing to provide the students with experiences they would never receive if it wasn’t for the Georgia Bridgemen.

When someone calls 911, there is an emergency at their house. It is not the time to come be nosy and get in the way. Call them later!

No one said you had to do all the fundraising. Do you not have a child in the band? If he or she is 16, why can’t he get a job and that money go towards it? If he wants to go bad enough, he’ll park the car more and spend less on gas, go to the movies or shopping less. Put birthday, Christmas, spending money towards the trip instead. There are ways; people just want to make things difficult and complain about something.

Build a new dollar theater? Sure, if you can get a 100-year loan because that is how long it would take to pay for it. Stick with video on demand, Netflix, or Red Box.

The Williams Street project was not about beautification at all. It had one purpose only: preventing curbside parking.

Who thought it to be wise to start construction on River Street while it is a detour road for the Highway 84 overpass being built?

A dollar theater is a private business just like restaurants. Why is it that people think these businesses just pop up like magic? If you want a dollar theater, shell out the half-million to build it and get a return on your investment, one dollar at a time. Maybe by the time you are 150 years old, you will break even!

To the “gentleman” in the tan car headed south on Bemiss Thursday morning, you need to set your alarm a little earlier since you were apparently running late. I certainly did not deserve to be tailgated as I was already going 50 in a 35 miles per hour zone and had a left-hand turn coming up. You certainly made my morning when you honked the horn, shot over to the right lane, and shook your fist at me (without looking directly at me, of course). I had a good laugh. Hope we meet again. I always enjoy a good laugh.