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October 4, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Doctors' offices file insurance for you as a favor. They demand your portion on the day of service because most people can never be found once they leave the office. An insurance card does not guarantee coverage. Doctors also have employees that need to be paid along with other bills associated with keeping the doors of the office open. Just think, when Obamacare hits full force, the doctor that you are complaining about may be forced to close his door permanently.

Why is it that a Brooks County deputy can drive 20-25 mph over the speed limit with no blue lights on in Lowndes County and into Remerton? The Valdosta City cop did nothing about it. I bet if I was going that fast, I would be stopped.

Beware of the waste container companies who are not listed in the phone book. They pick up the debris after the roofing repair work is finished. The waste container company that picks up the  debris does not pick it up in a timely manner. When the waste containers causes damage to your property, they do not honor their promise on fixing the problem.

I have had it with bicyclists. Is it really worth losing your life over riding your bike in the middle of the lane on North Valdosta Road during rush hour?

Congratulations to the Georgia Bridgemen and the Valdosta Marching Cats for their performances at the competition this past weekend. Taking home Grand Champion and 2nd runner up respectively out of the 19 bands competing shows the strong band talent in our town. Well done!

If you could please name a doctor that:

a) has time to answer questions during a visit,

b) doesn't make each patient feel rushed, and

c) has competent office help that doesn't double-bill, lose prescriptions, or fail to return calls, then by all means, please post their name and number. Valdosta doesn't seem to have any of these.

Check out all those who are raising cane about the SPLOST tax. Ride through their neighborhoods, look at their roads, sidewalks, flood areas and such. Then ride through other areas that need improvements. See with your own eyes why voting for it is a good idea.

Raves to VSU Modern and Classical Languages, and the College of Arts and Sciences. The panel discussion on the Maya was fun, informative and entertaining.

To "you people" that believe you built it by yourself. There are roads in Lowndes County that are in real need of repairs. How soon will "you people" be able to begin these repairs?