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March 28, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The City keeps saying how the flooding is a "regional" issue and not just one for you plan to divide the financial penalties that the City will have to pay pretty soon up within the "region"? We'll see how that goes with "the region."

So the City is "looking forward to meeting" with those regulators to fix the sewage overflow problems? Don’t you mean you’re looking forward to an official order that mandates the City to fix the problems and oh, then fines you hundreds of thousands of dollars on top? Just trying to clarify what "the city is looking forward" to.

I notice Dr. McKinney’s inauguration is a sore subject and it's completely understandable from a citizen or parent's point of view especially when looking at the cost of education. I am actually an employee of VSU and sadly have to agree the cost of the event is too much, especially considering we haven't received a raise in five years.

Whoever complained about the yellow vans that hand out free lunches on Saturdays in Nashville....Those lunches are prepared with love by volunteers who sacrifice their Saturdays. JAMs means Jesus and Meals. When receiving free lunches others provide, be thankful instead of critical. Delivery times vary depending on the number of volunteers. You are welcome to come help!

It is amazing about the sewer overflows and  these are just the manholes people can see. Just imagine all of the manholes throughout the city where no one can see them and guess what? They go unreported. Sounds like a problem to me.

I only wonder how soon a college student will kill people due to being armed by the Legislature. Wimps afraid of the NRA, instead of standing up. Shame!

Come on now! We all know the City pays a large retainer fee to an engineering firm in Jacksonville to handle sewage problems. Get them to design a temporary fix for the overflow situation and don't wait a year and a half. The residents need help now! People and businesses won't move to Valdosta when they hear about this.

Thanks for telling me about Better Mood Clinic. If you need therapy, this is the place to go where patients are seen as people and not as chart numbers. Previous therapy place sent a letter saying my chart was closed because I hadn't been there over 90 days. They didn't bother to call and see if I was OK.