Valdosta Daily Times

June 6, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Anyone who is interested in American music should visit the Smithsonian exhibit in Nashville. Numerous events are being held this month related to this event. Also, there is an outstanding exhibit of local musicians whose roots are in Berrien County. I have been several times and plan to attend other events.

Congratulations to A Time To Dance Performing Arts Studio on "Dance Around The World." It was an incredible recital. As always, I was amazed and moved by your show. Patricia Nealey, you do an amazing job with our young people, I cannot thank you enough. To all the dancers, you were fantastic!

To the benefit organizers who were getting up the money for the family that was burned out: Asking for at least a $10 donation, I think, really hurt your cause. You should be willing to accept anything that a person can give.

There are several rental houses around mine. The yards look terrible and the houses are in poor repair. I am going to start ranting about the big real estate companies that run these houses, by name.

Mosquitoes in the city are growing fast. But sanitation and cable bills in so-called "Metro Valdosta" are growing even faster!

Rudeness at graduation ceremonies will not stop just by asking. Rude people never respond to polite requests. Degrees at UGA, and probably other universities, are conferred by schools, thus done in groups rather than calling each student's name. A similar plan is the only answer rude people understand.

I like reading the complaints in R&R, but can we stick to complaining about policy and civic problems or needed improvements for businesses and services? The complaints about personal slights and insults are not just boring, they're childish.

I went to the new Waffle House on Baytree. As I  waited for my order, an employee proceeded to reprimand a trainee. I understand having to correct the new employee but why not do so in private? I felt sorry for the employee. I will not be back.

I enjoy the Farm Days downtown Valdosta. I didn’t enjoy asking for the price of everything. Please have it marked.

Sad to say, but I won't attend graduation ceremonies anymore. I'm so irritated at the low rents who feel they need to scream and act up when one of their friends or relatives take the stage. These people wouldn't know decorum if it slapped them in the face.