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July 29, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I would like to know, as an employee of Smith Northview, why our hours are being cut and PTO stopped but yet SGMC can buy a new generator, parking deck, and critical care tower, as well as administration still making their six figures a year while us “low-lifes” are barely making ends meet? Looks like to me someone doesn’t have their financial priorities straight!!

Whether you or your business can donate money, whether you do mind or don’t mind displaying literature from a “solicitor,” just please be upfront. I witnessed someone tell a couple young girls to come back later that day, knowing he wasn’t going to be in the office when they returned. I then listened to him tell someone that he would be more than happy to display his brochures and promptly threw them in the trash after the gentleman walked out.

Not all churches in Valdosta are gossiping, scandal-loving establishments. And not all people who live in Valdosta love drama.

Someone with the county needs to look at the new  judicial administration building downtown. The roof looks terrible and I think it is only a couple of years old. Did they get gypped? Does it need cleaning or is it improperly installed or just poor building material?  

What’s up with the Georgia no call list? I thought if you are on this list, it is illegal for solicitors to call you. I don’t know if it is enforced.  Am I the only person getting bombarded with these calls?

Don’t get a pet if you cannot give it the care and love it needs. You are their family and heart, they depend on you to keep them safe. All they ask for is love and food in return, not to dump them or give them away when you don’t have time anymore.

Suing others shows how classless you are. Work like everyone else to make your money and stop the trashy ways.

Maybe it’s time the SGMC Hospital Authority steps in before the current administration destroys our hospital’s future.

Please get your information correct before you submit a rant. The Industrial Authority does not receive SPLOST funds. They are funded with a separate millage that is noted on your property tax bill, assuming you pay property taxes.

I think some people would go crazy if they couldn’t get into other people’s business.