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May 17, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, May 17, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Gun nuts compare the desire to control and regulate firearms with the need to control “pressure cookers.” Marcus Aurelius said, “Of each particular thing, ask: What is it in itself? What is its nature?” The nature of a firearm is to propel with deadly velocity and accuracy a lead missile at an intended target. Pressure cookers are intended to cook food. To compare the two is quite illogical.

Over 150 applicants applied for the handful of teaching jobs in Lowndes County. Plus, almost every single paraprofessional is a certified teacher who has been waiting patiently, “doing their time.” And, Lake Park Elementary hires a teacher who has quit, not once, but twice before. The "good ole' boy" network at its finest.

Deep South Sanitation is the best sanitation company ever. The "little man" shows personal service is still out there.

Why is it that government thinks they know what is best for us on things that affect all of us and leaves the public out of the decision making? Things like gun control, DUI limits, Obamacare, abortion, etc.,  should be on the ballot during the president election. We can't wait four years to make these lifelong decisions?

To the person that says pastors get paid to play golf: not all pastors get pay and play golf. Not all        use others’ sermons. My pastor visits the sick, calls those that wasn't at church and even go out door to door introducing himself to those in the neighborhood. What is your excuse? How many people have you visited that was sick outside of your family?

Well, the word is out! The Bridgemen will be going to Hawaii in 2014-2015. How inconsiderate! I am shocked at the lack of judgment by the band directors, boosters, and the Lowndes County Board of Education for approving such a flagrant waste of money in such difficult economic times! To put this unfair burden on the band parents is in poor taste!

Brooks County Schools are a mess right now. We have good teachers leaving or being fired because they do not want to work for this system. Way to go, BOE — you are ruining our schools that were fine before you got here.

I think some of these raves are self promotion.

There is a problem in our society when good food service and requesting more restaurants are what people are most thankful for.

Recent food posts remind of this: "Love the food you eat; don't love to eat your food."