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May 6, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I am a white woman and I am trying to understand what the family of Kendrick Johnson is trying to accomplish. I hate that their son has died and I understand their grief. What I don’t understand is why they seem so sure that he was murdered. Who do they think murdered the young man? ...

To all who use Coleman Road as a short cut between Old Highway 41 North and North Valdosta Road, please remember the speed limit is 35, not 65. Tailgating me isn’t going to make me go faster. Remember, it’s our neighborhoods, not your short cut!

I understand the Johnson family wanting to get answers. I can’t fault them for their protests and gatherings. I don’t

personally think they should hold pictures up for kids to see. And above all, please ask your activists to refrain from turning this into a race issue, if that’s truly how you feel. ...

Sending your child to elementary school wearing a T-shirt with an autopsy photo on it is disgusting!

The sheriff’s excuse for the late coroner notification was that he was out of town. None of his investigators or officers knows the phone number for the coroner? Ever heard “better be safe than sorry?”

Do not allow others to pull out if waiting at a red light or in line. So many wrecks have happened because of this and they shoot out across the road to oncoming traffic. Vision is impaired from other autos and blind spots. Don’t do the favor of causing a wreck because you will be involved then.

Speed bumps are needed at PetSmart to slow autos down. Also, shrubs should be cut lower and more often. Animals get loose and kids run from parents so please drive with caution.

It seems to me, if someone in authority could explain how young KJ’s face became messed up during what has been termed “a tragic accident,” the results of the investigators’ work might gain some credibility. At least with those who are not emotionally invested in the outcome.

If you are unwilling to include Medicaid patients in your practice, then you will not be missed in the profession. I’ll bet that you claim to be a God-fearing Christian as well. Good riddance!

When is the county going to enforce the law regarding burning yard waste? People out here in Copeland Heights burn whenever they feel like it every day.