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November 28, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Nov. 29, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Huge thanks to the nice guy who bought my coffee this week. It made my day, and I passed it on, buying for the person behind me. Have a great week.

The only changes needed at exits 22 and 29 are traffic lights! Exit 22 was redesigned a few years ago, why more changes? And exit 29 is fine, it just needs traffic lights to help motorists get into and out of traffic. Relocate Morven Road without affecting the on-ramp to I75. Stop wasting money!

Glad SPLOST VII passed; sorry the library on Woodrow Wilson won’t be replaced or upgraded. I could cry every time I walk through the door and see the sorry state it’s in. The staff is the best; always polite and helpful and shouldn’t have to work in such an unhealthy, moldy environment. Not a good advertisement for prospective businesses looking around what Valdosta has to offer. A disgrace really.

We desperately need a stop light at the intersection of Loch Laurel Road and 376 in Lake Park. Tremendous traffic flow with big trucks and cars, all speeding through it. More than once I have carefully looked both ways, pulled out to turn left towards the business section and then nearly gotten clobbered by some clown doing 60 or more coming from Clyattville. What would it take?!

The lights on the corner of College Street and Patterson Street are ridiculous. I have to be to work at 5 a.m. No one is on the road at that time and it is too dangerous to stop at those lights at this time.  It should be a flashing light. Why are we stopping there? It is too dangerous.

Leon County, Fla., opened a natural gas station. Each of the school buses will save about $10,000 per year, and they are converting many of their other vehicles. The cool thing about Leon’s natural gas station is that it is also for commercial use, so the public can use it too.

The person who compared ObamaCare, which I don’t support, to public school: You have a choice to use public school or pay for your children to go to private school. An educated population is a benefit to everyone. For the most part most people are paying for their own education through school taxes. While your success largely dictates what you pay in taxes that success is also due to your education and the educated public that surround you.