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January 26, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, Jan. 27, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I can't believe PetSmart allows a rescue agency with animals without shots there on the weekends. A dog who was sick with Parvo was at one of the adoption events. My pets are vaccinated, but it isn't safe to have the rescue animals put my personal dog at risk. Please make vaccinations mandatory for rescues/shelters before coming to PetSmart.

Don’t know why everybody is complaining about gas prices. I just got $10 worth and it still just cost me $10.

Rep. Scott needs to speak to the Industrial Authority, they are creating jobs like crazy over there. It's not clear where these jobs are, or how much it costs to create them, but we need to trust them. Oh, and they'll be in executive session, if you need them.

Statement from representative for Lowndes County Industrial Authority was quite enlightening, but it was really all about Project BS-14, that replaced Project BS-13, LOL! And both “BS” Projects are real deep in progress and way over schedule.

What is happening to Hahira? Our small town that was so quaint and full of country atmosphere? Why are we cluttering it with big stores with so many empty store fronts already? Growth seems to be what our little town is all about now. You have taken away the charm that made this town so likable by the residents that live here now.

Maybe the reason Ruby Tuesday's shut down was because their menu was over-priced and their food mediocre. Like it or not, Valdosta will never again be a manufacturing/agricultural center. The city continues to exist only because of Moody, VSU, and SGMC. Perhaps you should press those institutions for more job creation.

The trash on the side of the road and the big old TV thrown on someone else's property are due to ignorance and disregard for anyone but themselves, period. The same ignorance that blinds us to things like a garbage franchise that keeps our garbage bill lower than any other, and keeps multiple garbage trucks from filling our neighborhoods daily. Come into the 21st century. Enlighten yourself. Have some regard for others.

Notice the litter along Jerry Jones and North Valdosta Road. We’ve tried the Glitter and still have litter. Now how about signs to reinforce the signs.

To all of the people complaining about trash being thrown along side the roads, just remember trashy people throw out trash.