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November 8, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, November 8, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the man, and I mean Man, that bought my daughter and my meal at ChowTown on Saturday, thank you so much, it was a surprise and flattering act of kindness. We will be back there the first Saturday in December, so maybe we can buy you a meal.

Got the flyer recently in mail about all the city/counties phone numbers. Did no one notice that in Lanier, Cook, Brooks, and Berrien's text, that "Education" is misspelled. How embarrassing to see "Board of Eduction" erroneously repeated that many times. What happened to spell check?

Someone explain to me why a restaurant has to have a food permit, but a church can sell food at their fall festival without one? What is the difference? It seems that religious themed businesses need to either lose the tax exempt status, or stop making money off their members. Jesus didn't sell fish and loaves.

I am reminded of Ronald Reagan every time I view today's America. We were in a bad economy, no one was proud to be an American, our government could not protect a foreign (middle eastern) embassy, we had a new government plan-Department of Energy, and the media said the Republican party was dead. So, to the person who said Reagan could not win the primary: I do not see a Reagan anywhere, in either party, today, unfortunately for America.

If you are talking on your cell phone while driving, at least slow down when going around curves so you can stay on your side of the road.

Can someone help, please. The two flags flying on the east side of the 600 block of North Ashley Street are both badly faded with one split into rags. This is a disgrace to everyone in the USA. Both need to be removed or replaced.

We live in a very diverse society. I tolerate much of this diversity but do not try to make me embrace it as I do not expect everyone to embrace my values and views. I respect everyone regardless of their color, religious views or sexual preference. I do not tolerate others trying to make me embrace their values and views. Be aware of those around you and be respectful of them.

After reading VSU President McKinney's letter, I still don't understand the letter or the local VSU billboards.

To the administration at LHS that will do nothing about a kid getting bullied: shame on you! You are allowing this type of thing to happen in your school. These kids need to be punished!