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October 11, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, October 11, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — My father told me when I was a young man that when a fish was spoiled it "smelled from the head down." This statement now applies to our federal government  — it stinks from the head down. Our elected officials have abandoned the voters that put them in office and have placed their personal agendas ahead of the needs of the people. Please pull together and make this country great again. The world is watching.

Who do you think is paying for all those people lined up in the emergency room now?

I'm aware Bemiss Road is dangerous, especially headed towards Moody around 6:30 a.m.; however, why is there a Lowndes County sheriff hiding in a wooded area without any lights? Is this a speed trap?

Dear Dollar General in Lake Park. I like the new store manager. The store looks better and it’s coming back together finally. Please get the air conditioner fixed. It's too hot to shop.

Voting "no" on SPLOST because it was mismanaged in the past is the same as deciding not to eat any more because a restaurant served you some bad food. You can elect to not visit the establishment anymore just as you can elect to vote out those that have mismanaged previous SPLOSTs. Those that are directly affected by wastewater direly need the SPLOST like you need food. Let's not connect the two and vote "yes" for the SPLOST!

Oh my, we have another educated SPLOST voter who says "fact" but asks a question. A fact is a statement, not an interrogative.

If I vote against SPLOST, I don't get a raise because the mandated EPA fixes will just be paid for with higher property taxes that everyone will pay: renters, homeowners, and business owners.

To the stupid sign guy on Gornto Road. Since I'm not paying SPLOST taxes right now, voting against them will not give me a raise. I'll make the same money. Math is fun, you should try it sometime.

If you want to see SPLOST waste, look no further than the Lowndes County Emergency Operations Center. This inefficient, several million dollar waste sets empty over 98 percent of the time. Surely, there were more effective and efficient ways to build an EOC.

With the voter fraud trial in Quitman ending in a mistrial: The taxpayers and voters of Brooks deserve to know what happened. A great deal of our tax dollars was expended in this investigation along with the trial.