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October 3, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — We wonder why kids today feel entitled and don’t want to work for anything. It’s because of the parents who think there should be no winner or loser, who think there shouldn’t be a smartest person in the class. If my son isn’t playing his best, I expect his butt to be on the bench until he shapes up. His team doesn’t have to win but he better play his very best and hardest. And he better give everything he has to school. I want him to have the top grades in the class. If you tell your kid it’s OK to not be the best or OK not to just try their best, what incentive is that giving them to work hard?

I totally agree with police officers stopping students who drive through the school zones too fast but a real problem at LHS is the lack of a turn signal turning left into the school for parents who drop off. There is a sign which reads “no left turn,” but that is just crazy. Just as many people turn left as turn right so we need a turn signal or a cop directing traffic. Thank you!

I will vote to remove all local elected officials if my taxes goes up any.

“If it doesn’t matter who wins, why do we keep score?” — Vince Lombardi

No, thank you, to the stoplight at Perimeter and Copeland. There are an insane number of lights in this town, and I spend much of my time stopping for traffic that doesn’t exist. Please leave my quiet neighborhood alone.

Why is it that most published rants are from liberals? The truth is that most intelligent people support the Tea Party and its attempt to slow our out-of-control government. The other truth is that government leeches are scared of the Tea Party and should be.

FACT 1: Valdosta has to relocate the water treatment so that spills stop occurring. FACT 2: It will cost millions of dollars for the relocation, which the city doesn’t currently have. FACT 3: The two main methods of raising money is SPLOST or raising property taxes. Therefore, if SPLOST doesn’t pass, property owners should be expecting an increase in property taxes. Doesn’t it make more sense for a sales tax that taxes everyone as opposed to only targeting property owners?

Perhaps you don't live next to a house where cars are parked all over the lawn. If you did you would see how badly the lawn looks and how it looks like a used car lot. Are you a renter or homeowner? Homeowners do not want their property to look like a slum!