Valdosta Daily Times

September 26, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Sept. 27, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — How many cars and motorcycles have to come from behind to pass a school bus that is slowing down to let off children for the day? I witnessed this twice this week on Madison Highway near the elementary school.

I agree that either none or all of the schools in the system should participate in homecoming activities. But Hahira wasn’t the only one; it’s more like Lake Park was one of the only that did dress up.

We have not even made it out of the month of September yet and already we have the dirty politics games being played. Whether you know it or not, if you are caught with other people’s campaign signs, you can be charged with possession of stolen property. So especially in my yard, leave it where you see it!

SPLOST is built on lies. It’s a penny tax; no, it’s a 1 percent sales tax. It’s not a new tax; yes, SPLOST VII (a new tax) begins Jan. 1 2014. It’s an investment not a tax; yes, it is a 1 percent sales tax. I could go on!

People are you really so blind that you don’t understand that the county needs money and they will get the money from somewhere whether it’s the SPLOST or property taxes which can be increased without a vote? At least with SPLOST we share the burden with all shoppers in Lowndes County, but I guess the property owners would rather pay all the expense and bear the burden alone.

Teachers in Georgia will never have better pay because they will not unite and do something about it. Why are teachers even given a contract? It’s not worth anything. They make less than the amount written on their contract because money is deducted for the furlough time. Teachers have no bargaining power.

I see a lot of moaning about no sidewalks in the city. Guess what? SPLOST pays for those sidewalks. Why not visit the city website at and go to the Engineering Department page. You will find a list of SPLOST projects in progress and those that have been completed since 2006. Be better informed before you listen to those who are encouraging you to Vote No.

I have yet to see one of the anti-SPLOSTers explain how we are supposed to pay the increase in our property taxes if they are successful. If you want my support, quit complaining about it and posit a serious alternative.

Not to worry! The county people are going to help us build a brand-new Waste Water Treatment Plant. Enough of this hand-wringing!