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November 1, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Southern hospitality still exists but many Southerners, like myself, certainly understand how newcomers can wonder if it's a myth. Stereotyping happens worldwide and it typically is negative if a person's first impressions are awful. Perceptions like "The French don't like Americans" soon change when a caring French family takes you in and treats you lovingly as if you were a family member. Please don't give up on southerners.

My husband and I have decided to stop hanging out with a couple of families who have kids around the same age as ours, because the parents end up throwing a tantrum in public with their children around. Embarrassing for us and for the people around them, but doesn't seem to phase the parents throwing the tantrum.

Wow! Recently saw the plans/renderings for the new Valdosta High School and Athletic Facilities to be built on Inner Perimeter Road. Very exciting. Can’t wait to see it actually done in a few years. Thank you, Valdosta City Schools.

The City of Valdosta needs to enforce rules to stop people asking for money when you walk out of the store. Walmart on Norman, Home Depot, as well as stores on Hill Avenue have several beggars standing outside approaching people asking for money, rides, and cigarettes.

To the person looking for a grief counseling center, please try Family Works at Valdosta State. It is staffed by students and licensed therapists. There is a nominal fee and sometimes not one at all, depending on your situation. They also have great hours. I have found them to be incredibly competent and caring. I am thankful for the help I received there.

Classified ads for cars, RV's and the like, should have a price and a picture. Otherwise, it's really a waste of the reader's time.

Candidates be warned! If you leave a robocall on my answering machine, I will not vote for you! If you can't speak to me personally or through the media, don't waste my time or yours with a recorded message. You will lose my vote. I bet others feel the same way.

As a parent of a high schooler, I have vast concerns. My child has spoken to me about a handful of pregnant teens at her school. I am not pointing blame on anyone, but do the schools offer any counseling services that these children could take advantage of in case they are in an uncomfortable situation at home?