Valdosta Daily Times

October 17, 2012

Rant and Raves for Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Fantastic game, Wildcats! Bad luck at the end, but you played a great game!!!

Last year’s final Winnersville moments were all about skill; this year’s were all about luck. Cats played a better game, and I will ALWAYS be proud to be a WILDCAT!!

There used to be a central point of entry into community services for persons with housing, rent, medical and other issues, but that agency has lost favor with the churches. This has caused other groups to take up the cause of helping people, but without a central clearing facility, it is very easy for those with transportation and the nerve to do it to receive services that were meant for others. A database that identifies people once and is available across the community would make donated and grant dollars go farther.

What a classic! It was great to see the community come together like they did for the Winnersville classic. Good food, great sportsmanship and just an all around good time. It’s great to live in such a wonderful city.

After the Lowndes Valdosta football game we were at the Waffle House on North Valdosta Road and three of the Lowndes players was there, one of them asked if we had went to the game and thanked us for our support. That made a great night of football even better. It was great knowing that the players appreciate the fan support.

Big Bird the flap — IT IS time to kick the big kid out of the support nest and let him fly on his own. I would even consider wringing his neck, plucking, dressing, cooking and eating him. $440 million/year feeds a lot of kids. PBS will survive.

Here is the state law on bicycles, read it:

Since Georgia Power put in these new smart meters, I have experienced flickering, power outages and unexplained power surges. Is anyone else having these problems? These meters don’t seem to be smart at all.

All of these private school defenders make a point to tear down public schools. The original rant stated that people who pull their children out of public schools harm the systems. If everyone would “buy in” and support public schools, they would see that their racist and biased

stereotypes aren’t quite what they assumed. Private schools have the same problems.

Gangs and drugs may not go hand-in-hand with liberalism, but liberals tend to make more excuses for them than conservatives.