Valdosta Daily Times

April 9, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I find it very disturbing to read the rants from the gun supporters. They sound quite paranoid and unstable.

Barrs Seafood opened back in 1946 or 1947 and  ceased operation this past year. They are wonderful people, Mr. and Mrs. Barr and family. I miss seeing them on Thursdays and also miss those tasty, fresh blue catfish.  

Not quite sure what the gun lobby people are claiming about Hitler and Stalin taking guns away from the people of Germany and Russia. My German and Russian friends don't know anything about this and they come from a long line of avid hunters. NRA misinformation me thinks.

I found it quite revealing when an NRA supporter told me we needed to have access to assault rifles in order to "take back Washington." Fighting the U.S. military sounds like rebellion to me?

You want the UN to come in and "dearm" Americans? I don't want the UN in New York City much less in my house in Valdosta. Are you in some sort of competition for most ludicrous statement? "Dearm" is not a word by the way.

The Swiss issue all adult men a firearm. Owning a gun does not condone, or create, violence. Lay blame on the person not the tool. If you really believe that banning firearms will end the violence you are sadly misled. All that will happen is law abiding people will not have guns and the criminal (who doesn't obey the law anyway) will.

What's the deal with gas prices in Valdosta? I travel all over the South on business, and Valdosta has some of the highest gas prices I see. What's really going on around here? I also see some of the local names selling it cheaper in nearby towns. Why is that? I even find it cheaper in Florida, who has higher fuel taxes than Georgia.

I am a retired teacher, who at one time would have qualified for food stamps if I had two children. The facts are that there is higher usage of drugs among the general population than among food stamp recipients. Oh, and the law recently passed by Georgia's right wingnut legislature has been ruled unconstitutional in other states. Another waste of our money.

So thankful for the American Red Cross, both in gathering safe blood and for the disaster relief it provides.