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April 6, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, April 7, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Monday, I observed a woman at Walmart getting into her car, with two boys around the age of 8, one of which seated a young infant on his own lap in the rear seat, not using his seat belt. As the lady began backing out, I jumped out of my car and asked her to put that baby in a car seat. Stupid! Please, parents, don’t have a kid, if you don’t care to put them in a seat belt, or wear yours.

The main reason Democrats are trying so hard to get re-elected, or stay in office, is that they would hate to try to make a living under the laws that they have passed. Tragic that we have to!

Too many gun owners fantasize about being the "good guy with the gun" who saves everybody. Most of them are looking for any chance to play out that fantasy.

To the person who tried to explain to internationals about our gun laws: maybe you just did not have enough factual information? Hitler and Stalin both disarmed the public. Afghanistan has never been taken by force. Russia rolled into Afghanistan and rolled over the military. Afghan citizens have weapons: they bled the Russians for 10 years, until the U.S.S.R. crumbled and the Russians pulled out. Switzerland gives everyone a rifle to take home for military purposes when they reach a certain age too.

It's not the “failure of the education system” that creates inept ranters on here. It is the single-parent families, which men have abandoned and the families with parents that don’t insist on their child's best. It’s the laziness of students who have no respect for their parents or teachers.

Good writing and language are taught in our "failing" public schools. It is the responsibility of the student to listen, shut up, and learn the English language. Few parents encourage. You private school pushers get to pick who you teach. The public schools get poor support; parents rarely show up.

Voters, kick out these local legislators who failed to support medical marijuana and help for autistic children, and the governor who is killing our public education.

Two thumbs up for Dr. Lamb and his assistant, Erin, and staff, at Southern Endodontic Center! They were efficient, fast, and extremely helpful during a trying time! It was a pain-free experience and a relaxing environment to be in. Thank you so much! PS - Thanks for the awesome pen!