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December 1, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Dec. 2, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — There has been a major natural gas pipeline in Lowndes County for the last 80 years. The reason you never hear about it is because nothing has ever gone wrong. Getting a second one just adds to the locations we can offer major industries.

You may not have children in schools, but yes, your taxes go to educating your community's children. I'd prefer an educated workforce. Educating children benefits us all. A community of idiots will cost more than their education ever will. Comparing this to paying for maternity care that is not needed is ignorant.

There should be twice as many police out on Fridays. Everyone drives like maniacs. You could meet your quota and then some, on that day alone. Also, please ticket tailgaters.

Why can I no longer view previous restaurant inspections on the health district’s website? I should not have to settle for knowing what a scheduled follow up found if one occurred. I should also be able to see the establishment’s past. Way to help new, and semi new, residents, and everyone else who doesn't venture out to eat often.

A big rave to Dr. Andrew Benefield and nurses at SGMC. We brought our son in for stitches and once we made it past all the check-in and triage, he was so wonderful to get the job done and get us on our way as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding that we just wanted to get our son home and in bed. Kudos for all you deal with day in and day out.

Thank you St. Johns for the Color Run. We had a blast!

The new section of Gornto is fabulous! It is so easy to drive from the mall to Ashley. Thanks city, county, state for what you’ve done with this.

We drive up from Perry every year to see the light show in Madison. We park well off the road and watch it. I did talk to the family last year and thanked them for doing this. Wish others would install a show like this as we enjoy it every year. Glad to see they are doing it again this year. We will be back.

A veterinarian with discounted prices for seniors? Sorry, if you can't afford a pet then you should not have one. Why should someone else have to work for less money because you didn't plan ahead?

What ever happened to the emergency broadcast system? You would hear on the radio when severe weather was approaching?