Valdosta Daily Times

December 9, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To those complaining about paying for someone else’s kids’ education: unless you went to private school how do you think your education was paid for? Do you think your parents should have paid higher taxes because they had you?

You have no idea if that person using an EBT card is entitled or not! They may be widowed military spouses or vets fallen on hard times, due to illness. Your business is to take what is yours, and leave what others have to them. You know nothing of their circumstances just by looking.

Many have no children, or no children in public schools any longer, or no children in public schools. But all must pay public school tax. For that students now get a watered-down education in public schools with little concern in their household, resulting in high drop outs and too many high school grads with sixth-grade knowledge. Public education is not free. We pay a tax, then pay much more long after for education failure.

It is a shame that whenever budget cuts are discussed, the first areas talked about are defense and education. There is so much glut in government that could be cut. Why not freeze government pay, stop the horrendous overspending, stop paying for illegal immigrants and concentrate on the needs of our citizens. Stop punishing those who have sacrificed so much to defend this country.

Why does our health insurance have to skyrocket to pay for those who can’t or choose not to purchase it?

Those who are lower income receive upwards of $10,000 in earned income credits from their tax refunds each year that would cover their costs. I guess they get to have cake and eat it too.

Anyone else find it curious that there is a virtual monopoly on Internet service in Valdosta, and that our sole supplier is of unacceptable quality?

The law enforcement that were leading the funeral possession on Forest St. across Perimeter Saturday, almost had another funeral to go to, either their own or the truck that almost couldn’t stop in time. There is no need for extreme rush and near accidents to see your job carried out in these cases. I have never seen such speed in one like this and hope never to again. Thank God the others could stop at the light, even though not much warning.

Envelope for Empty Stocking Fund; great idea! How about one for United Way? I can’t find a mailing address.