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May 13, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I found the cartoon referencing Tim Tebow's Christianity on Thursday's editorial page very offensive. I can agree that many people are out for what God can do for them, not how they can serve God, But I do not see any evidence of that attitude or life style in Tim Tebow's life. Time will tell.

Why is it, when there is a bombing, everyone focuses on the bomber, when there is a shooting, however, everyone focuses on the gun? The Sandy Creek shooter killed everyone with pistols, yet the assault rifle in the trunk of his car, that was stolen from his mother that he murdered was the target for legislation. The cognitive disconnect present with the media and politicians allows them to ignore the fact that guns owned by non-criminals actually prevent crime. Why is there no effort to ban or register pressure cookers?

No one thinks that preachers should work for free. We just think that they should actually work for their pay and not take a huge salary for playing golf and plagiarising other mens sermons from the pulpit. Thank you very much.

Thank you VDT for printing an unedited consumer complaint about SGMC. Perhaps now is the time for the same type of non-biased investigative reporting that exposed serious problems within the City Government. SGMC is a public entity and should be held to the same standards as any other public entity.

Is there anything we can do to  get another cable company to provide locally? Mediacom continues to raise rates without including some  programmings other providers  furnish  for the same type plans. County residents  have to pay more then city residents for the same cable. Competition will help.

Just saw one of the Valdosta Fire Departments new trucks going down the road. The American flag on the back looks awesome. They need these on every truck in the fleet.

To the person hit by the truck at the mall.My sister asked the person who hit her to pay her deductible and when they refused she told them she was going to sue and tell the lawyer that all she wanted was her $200 deductible and court costs and he could keep any extra money he got out of them for himself. She got a check the next day.

Seriously guys, how many more EMPTY industrial parks does this county need? How about let’s just use the one on 41 South as a nice park?