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April 28, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, April 29, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The handicap tag on your vehicles is for your wife not for you. Try to remember this and be grateful that you don’t need it.

If a parent doesn’t show a child who’s the boss, wait until they get in teen years and see how funny it is when they won’t listen.


Lowndes County can’t expect to get valid evaluations from the system surveys if you are asking teachers to go through their email.

For those who think the majority of Americans want more gun control, here’s a direct quote from the Gallup Poll: “Americans say that government leaders should focus on school safety and mental health rather than on gun control to prevent school shootings.” By the way, that’s two-thirds of Americans. Stop listening to the government that is using targeted polls, do your own research and use national polls.

To mommy and daddy whose son couldn’t give 100 percent because they didn’t admire or respect the coach, I’m sure he will find better role models once he signs with the Division 1 program of his or your choice.

To treat head lice all you need is olive oil, Dawn dishwashing liquid and conditioner of your choice. Put the olive oil on hair long enough to smother the lice. Wash hair with Dawn and then use conditioner. You do have to wash clothing, bedding and towels or they will get back into the hair. Most people have these items in their homes.

Ranter said, “Apparently people believe it should be easier to obtain a gun than it is to be properly licensed to drive a car.” Both are easy for outlaws and whackos that get guns illegally and steal cars. Large-capacity ammo magazines are linked to far fewer deaths then vehicles with large horsepower. Outlawing powerful autos will reduce far more deaths.

The Valdosta Board of Education is considering drug testing student athletes. I think they should start testing school athletes for drugs when they start testing teachers!

Vehicle- [vee-i-kuhl or vee-hi-kuhl]. Look it up; both versions are correct, just like there are different ways to say adult, pecan, coupon, etc. I, for one, pronounce it the way that you say is wrong, and I can assure you, I speak proper English, have a college education and have never had a client or customer tell me I sound “dumb” or “like a hick” when I speak in my Southern accent.

Open-minded does not deserve to be in the same sentence as Fox News and Glen Beck.